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I created this site because I love the news and I love to learn. I use to read our city's paper from front to back and was a faithful watcher of the evening news. I watched Nightline and bought Time and Newsweek regularly. But I have been saddened to watch journalistic standards and integrity die. Real journalism has been replaced by narrative journalism and is thus, not journalism. My old boss told me once: “Every issue has two sides. Every position has a positive and a negative. And if you do not know both, you are not making an educated decision.' MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski told her audience once: It's 'our job' to control exactly what people think. No it is not. That is indoctrination. People deserve to hear both sides of an issue and to make their decision accordingly. That is how good decisions are made. That is how people understand each other. That is how people grow and a society prospers. Even more troubling is the war on free speech under the guise of controlling “hate speech.” I saw that coming for it is not about hate speech. It never was. If it was then the standard would be applied to all groups equally, but is only actually applied to the politically undesirable. It is about identity politics and creating division to distract people from their real problems. And more importantly, it is about control. Controlling speech, controlling the agenda, controlling education, and in the end, controlling you. Every major political platform boils down to one question.

Does it give you more freedom or less? Or does it give the Government more power or not? Without free speech every other right becomes irrelevant. And I am sure if any “hate speech” law is applied, it will be used by one side to oppress the other side. How do I know this? Because it has happened before, and it is happening now elsewhere. Here you will find a site that does its best to present all the sides of issues and all the news. We allow the user to pick what they want to read or watch as long as it is not illegal.(and not porn) We do not censor. We do not hide groups and opinions with our algorithms or shadowban. It is our hope that you will learn something from this site and learn something about each other. And we will not stop fighting to preserve the freedoms that the better men and women from our past have fought and won for us. God bless and sign up for Right2Voice. Our promise is we don't censor political ideology. Open minds through open dialogue. Sign up here 


Skytrain, Walking, Inter-Terminal - Singapore Changi Airport

Transfer Between Terminals Between Terminal 1, 2 and 3:

Passengers can take the complimentary Skytrain service, or make the connection between the terminals by foot.

To and from Terminal 4: A complimentary Shuttle Bus service connecting Terminal 4 to Terminal 2 is available.

Skytrain Skytrain Complimentary Skytrain between Terminal 1,2 and 3 Changi Airport’s Terminal 1,2 and 3 are connected by a free Skytrain service, which operates from 5.00am to 2.30am, at both the transit and public areas. It takes approximately four minutes to travel between terminals by Skytrain, with an average waiting time of four minutes.

As a result of redevelopment works, please note that the Skytrain line connecting Terminals 2 and 3, specifically the public area service and the transit area service between Terminal 3 (B Gates) & Terminal 2 (E Gates) are closed.

The Skytrain line connecting Terminal 3 (A Gates) and Terminal 2 (F Gates) remains operational. The Skytrain line connecting Terminal 1 and 3 is also still operational. Additional information on transferring between Terminals 2 and 3: Location Directions Within the transit areas (to travel between Terminal 3, B Gates and Terminal 2, E Gates)

A free shuttle bus service connecting Terminal 2 (E Gates) and Terminal 3 (B Gates) runs from 5.00am to 2.30am, with an average waiting time of four to seven minutes.

The journey takes about six to eight minutes.

Boarding & alighting points:

Terminal 2: North Bus Station, Level 1, just before Arrival Immigration (take escalator down and turn left). Look out for signs indicating “Shuttle Bus to T3 (B Gates)”

Terminal 3: North Bus Station, Level 1, just before Arrival Immigration (take escalator down and turn right). Look out for signs indicating “Shuttle Bus to T2 (E Gates)”

Alternatively, passengers can take the other Skytrain line, connecting T3 (A Gates) and T2 (F Gates), which continues to operate as usual.

At the public areas By foot using the Mezzanine Level link bridge above the MRT station. It takes approximately five minutes to walk between Terminal 2 and 3.

Skytrain maintenance hours The Skytrain is closed for maintenance works from 2.30am to 5.00am daily. During these non-operational hours, travellers may transfer between the terminals as follows: Location Directions Within the transit areas By foot via the inter-terminal travellators located throughout the Departure Transit areas.

At the public areas A free shuttle bus service connecting all terminals operates from 2.30am to 5.00am daily at 15 minutes intervals. Boarding & alighting points: Terminal 1: Departure Check-in Hall, Level 2, Door 5 Terminal 2: Departure Hall, Level 2, Door 1 Terminal 3: Departure Check-in Hall, Level 2, Door 8 .


Enchanted Garden - Changi Airport

Be captivated by this interactive and decorative Enchanted Garden as it "magically" comes to life with sight and sound while you weave through the garden. Motion sensors trigger sounds of nature and blooming flowers while fibre-optic and LED lighting, embedded in the undulating pathways, form a fascinating carpet of sparkling lights. Evoking a Shangri-La-like atmosphere, the centrepiece of the garden comprises of four giant glass bouquet sculptures decorated with a mosaic of reflective and shimmering stained-glass. Nestled within these glass bouquets are a dazzling variety of freshly-cut flowers and soft ferns.

Scientific name: Dicksonia antarctica The Tasmanian Tree Fern is the most popular and true survivor of the fern family. Easy to grow, this versatile beauty has a long life span of over 400 years! Tasmanian Tree Fern’s trunk has a unique feature. Its trunk can be cut and the fern will still be able to grow. In their natural habitat, Tasmanian Tree Fern can grow up to 16 metres and have as many as 70 fronds! The canopy provided by Tasmanian Tree Fern, together with the giant glass bouquets in the Enchanted Garden, helps to create a magical garden experience in the midst of Terminal 2.

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