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All about Virgo Man

Virgo man - August 24 – September 23
Virgo Personality
Practicality rules the mind of a typical Virgo male. He thinks, acts and sometimes even dreams logically. The best way to be around him is to ‘cut the fuss’. He has a repulsion for flowery language or unnecessary emotional gestures. If there’s someone who likes to travel light, it’s him. With a Virgo man, no emotional baggage please! Although emotional himself, he is not likely to understand the state of emotions in others. And when in love he needs ample of room… to be himself, to do his thing, and to take off if required.
Behind his serious expression is a mind that loves to laugh. I say mind because he likes intelligent humour and not slapstick comedy. He is knowledgeable and opinionated and shrewd enough not to let others, especially strangers, see the hand that is being dealt to him. A man who knows his mind and understands his needs – a man who frequently asks himself ‘what’s in it for me?’, that’s a typical Virgo guy.
How to identify a Virgo man?
A Virgo man is quiet and reserved, not much into initiating conversation unless spoken to. He is the type of person who would take initiative only if he has a motive. Only if you possess a hobby like mine of observing people and their behaviour will you be able to spot a Virgo man. Here again I am at a loss on how to classify Virgo men into aggressive and passive categories because I have observed that Virgo men behave aggressively only when provoked or pushed.
While in a conversation they might display interest in keeping it interactive, they usually spend time getting their point across. They are also very opinionated.
How does he score on the following points?
Cynicism: I have observed that 70% of Virgo men are cynical. Sometimes being cynical can be a good thing because it can bring forth the zing required to achieve success. It can bring out the best in you. If used correctly, cynicism can be a great motivator. Somehow most Virgo men have the tact to use it positively. The flipside is given a situation of dispute/disagreement their cynical side gets them into awkward situations.
Suspicion: A Virgo man on suspicion… yes and no. ‘Yes’ because he is suspicious when it comes to his career and achievements and ‘no’ because he isn’t suspicious about his relationships. He is possessive about his achievements and personal belongings. With his work and people related to work, he is forever on his guard, especially regarding money matters. Regarding his relationships he displays a secure and non-caring attitude. He is not likely to be suspicious except when given a reason to doubt.
Jealousy: A definite YES! A Virgo man can be jealous and very easily so. If at work or business his direct competition scores over him, our man can go green with envy. He finds it difficult to stand someone else’s success, if that person is in the same field of work. The reason for this… he thinks he deserves it more than the next man. On relationship front, he can be extremely jealous if his girlfriend or wife displays interest in another man.
What does a Virgo man want from life?
Well, this question cannot be answered in a word or two as the list of his desires is endless. Not only does he want everything from life, he also wants to be good at everything he does… the best in the industry or field as they say. Definitely not one to be satisfied with an ordinary life, he is perceptive enough to make do with low standards while he is struggling. But he has the girth and determination to achieve his targets. And a quality life is one of his targets.
What is his characteristic weakness?
Although I have mentioned his characteristic weakness earlier, I would like to elaborate on it here. His chief shortcoming is his disability to create and maintain relationships. He avoids people generally and is not particular about keeping up friends and acquaintances. Yet he is dependent on them for one thing or the other. This habit makes him come across as selfish and self-centered. And who isn’t sensitive to such behaviour?
What is his approach to life?
A Virgo man is not very realistic. But he is practical enough to know that life is full of ups and downs and since he likes new challenges his pragmatism is of great use to him. On an emotional level he is rather partial… not so emotional about others and quite emotional about himself. He is also sentimental.
Given his ambitiousness, a Virgo man is quite a dreamer. He believes in dreaming big and achieving big. He is fine with someone else taking the lead, but only till he learns the tricks of the trade. From there on he would prefer being the ultimate leader.
How is he on the professional front?
The fact that he is great at planning, ideating and organising, enables a Virgo man to be good at work. As an employee, he will excel in any given task and will outdo his co-workers— firstly, as he is ambitious and secondly, because he is competitive. He is also the one with bright ideas and solutions. A thinker and a practical manor let’s say a ‘practical thinker’, a Virgo male is efficient at any given job. He also makes for a good colleague as he tends to understand rather too well the maths of dependability.
However, his analytical mind and criticising nature can sometimes be a hindrance. Since he sets standards that are too high for himself as well as others, it is difficult to please him. But when at work, his commitment, sincerity and ability to work hard is unquestionable.
Given all their faults (who hasn’t got faults anyways!),Virgo men are intelligent and shrewd. Combined with an excellent memory and a sharp mind, it arms them with all the attributes of being good entrepreneurs.Most of them have innate business acumen and the necessary drive to succeed.Above all, they are quite rational in their thinking and astute in money matters—those being the all important ingredients of a good businessman.
How is he when in love?
Just like how he is on any regular day. There is no difference between a Virgo man in love and a Virgo man not in love. Like I said before he finds it difficult to emote and even when in love, you will not find anything lover-like in his behaviour. Also he is a hardcore practical man… the proverbial man of the world so nothing he does is for the sake of sentiments and emotions. If you are expecting scented love letters and sweet nothings from your lover… you are clearly with the wrong man.
Maintaining a love relationship with a Virgo man is like being in a chemistry lab – everything has to be mixed in the right way in the right amount. Otherwise fireworks are in order! To get the best out of your Virgo man you have to maintain the right amount of closeness and the right amount of distance with him. He wants to be loved but not overburdened with it. Overt display of emotions can turn him off, so keep everything subtle.
When dating a Virgo man, you should…
… make the first move. And if you think it sounds un-ladylike or needy you can steer away from the Virgo guy. If you are waiting for him to ask you out, chances are it won’t happen for a long long time.
Before dating a Virgo man you need to learn certain lessons about this guy and his nature. While he is a funny and intelligent friend and a wonderful companion, with dating he sort of breaks all the rules. Romantic in his own peculiar way, he can re-define the role of a Romeo, if not the term ‘love’ itself. In a word, expect the unexpected while dating a Virgo guy.
Lesson one: He won’t chase you no matter how beautiful, intelligent or rich you are. Although he appreciates these qualities in a woman, he always thinks there are plenty of girls out there for him and he won’t take much effort at convincing you to date him.
Lesson two: His serious expression and un-emotional stance is a façade. He is basically insecure about getting hurt and therefore limits the amount of true emotions on display. But deep down, he is sensitive and loveable. Don’t get fooled with his unenthusiastic response to your advances.
Compatibility quotient:
Who can best deal with the secretive and cautious nature of the Virgo man? Which woman amongst the zodiac is perceptive enough to understand the true depth of his emotions? While a lot would depend on individual circumstances, there are certain personality traits that can help us predict the compatibility quotient of a Virgo man with women from different signs. Let’s find out how.
Virgo man and…
Aries woman: 7/10. This combination can work effectively if the Arian learns to keep her adventurous streak in check. She would also need to put up with the Virgo man’s secrecy and emotional detachment. But she has the verve and spirit to earn the respect and love of the Virgo man.
Taurus woman: 8/10. The Taurean practicality would appeal to the pragmatic Virgo male. Since both are dependable, they would get along well. Moreover, the Taurean passion would help the Virgo guy be more romantic and vocal about his love.
Gemini woman: 7/10. The Gemini woman has many qualities that the Virgo would admire, like intelligence and good conversational skills. But it would be important to make this mutual admiration last in the long run.
Cancer woman: 9/10. A ‘well-baked’ relationship this one! The Cancerian has apt culinary and housekeeping skills to have a beautiful home and a delicious spread for the Virgo man. Moreover, both are sincere and romantic enough to keep the love fires going for a long time.
Leo woman: 4/10. Too many compromises can suck the charm out of this relationship. While her passion can attract the Virgo guy initially, the Leo girl’s constant need for attention is too much for him to take, neither is she adjusting enough to get along with him in a long term relationship.
Virgo woman: 5/10. This relationship can go either way. While both are practical and sincere, they are too demanding of each other. The relationship can also get quite monotonous. But with proper efforts, it can be made to last.
Libra woman: 5/10. A difficult match! A lot of hard work will be required to make this combination a success, mostly from the Libran. She will have to counter his cynicism with her optimism, his detachment with her affection and his criticizing nature with her patience. This relationship can demand a lot of compromises from the Libra woman.
Scorpio woman: 9/10. An excellent combination! Both are smart, intelligent and very often good looking. They would admire each other for these qualities. The Virgo man will let the Scorpion take the lead on the home front, while he would impress her with his perfectionism.
Sagittarius woman: 6/10: This relationship can be a strain due to the basic difference between the temperaments of these two. She is an extrovert while he is a reserved person. Her wild nature can go against the conservative thinking of the Virgo guy.
Capricorn woman: 7/10: This combination has all the qualities of a successful relationship. The Capricorn woman has warmth and affection which will help the Virgo man open up with his emotions, while he is dependable enough to give her the security she needs. But he would have to curb his roving eyes to make her feel secure and gain her trust. Also the reassurance of love that a Capricorn woman needs is something this man may not be able to provide.
Aquarius woman: 6/10: With right amount of adjustments, this relationship can work fantastically. She can counter his pessimism with her optimism and take his emotional needs in her stride. They would also please each other on an intellectual level.
Pisces woman: 6/10: The Virgo man would be quite at sea about how to handle the sensitive Piscean. While the Pisces woman will not comprehend his emotional detachment, the Virgo male will find her too needy and pushy for comfort. But if he provides her with the comforts of life and display love (emotion) once in a while, it might just work out well for both.
Virgo mencelebrities/personalities:
Sean Connery
Hugh Grant
Michael Jackson
Keanu Reeves
Akshay Kumar
Rishi Kapoor 

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Sun sign

Know everything about Cancer Or cancerian man

Cancer man - 22 June - 23 July 
Forgot who said what and when? Or what you may have worn on the first date? Ask your Cancerian partner and he will rattle off all ies in a breath. His memory can be compared to the great tusker and there’s very little that he doesn’t store in the deep recesses of his mind.

With moods that swing like a pendulum, the Cancer guy can dip low and rise high in a matter of minutes. Sensitive to the core, a harsh word or a careless gesture is enough to hurt him.

But he also comes armed with an easy going nature that appeals to all. He has a quirky sense of humour and being with a Cancer guy can be whole lot of fun.

While his love for travel can take him places, he would always want to come back to a warm abode… his ‘den’, an affectionate wife and obedient children. And if his mother is staying with him, he is likely to come home double quick!

How can you identify a Cancer man in a crowd?

This is one of those zodiac signs where it is impossible to make categories of aggressive and passive. There are distinct percentages of introvert and extrovert kinds under the sign of the crab, but the sociability of even the most extroverted Cancer men is within limits.

Most Cancer men I have met have a carefree attitude and an easy going nature. Although outgoing, they have selected friends. This may be because they tend to get picky with their preferences as they mature.

A Cancer man is adventurous and likes to hit the road. His easy going nature makes him adjust to various situations with grace… he can stay at a five star hotel or a two star motel with equal comfort. Don’t be surprised if you see him on a luxury cruise liner one day and on a bag packing spree the next.

What are his general personality traits?

Like I said before, a Cancer man’s outgoing nature is within boundaries. This maybe because the assertive side of his personality is tethered to shyness, insecurity and ego. These qualities often stop him from opening up in front of people, especially strangers. But there is a positive outcome of this too… most not all Cancer men know how to mind their own business.

One of the major highlights of a Cancer male’s personality is his mood swings… err constant mood swings. He is in a perpetual state of transition and can be seen in different avatars in the span of a day. He is much like a baby… sleeping one moment and awake the next, laughing one moment and crying the next. But these mood changes are not personality changes and as his frame of mind returns to normal, he gets back to being his usual self. His moods range from restless to hyper active, stubborn to easy going and ‘gnashing your teeth’ to ‘happy go lucky’. So much so for a Cancer man in a day!

He is also a perfectionist… but not in the general sense of the term. To him being a perfectionist means having everything around him in order. He likes to keep his accessories on display and in perfect array. Anything out of sort can rock his boat!

How does he handle difficult situations like a quarrel?

In a situation like a quarrel from what I have seen, known and heard there is a clear divide on how different kinds of Cancer men behave in different ways. While a certain percentage of them can stay composed and yet get things resolved, some of them can get really aggressive because of their extremely possessive and insecure nature. Due to this when in such a torrential mood, some are even capable of manhandling the woman they love.

Is there something more to his personality?
Yes… there are more characteristic features to a Cancer man’s personality but ones that are evident only to a discerning eye.

A Cancer male can be a good mix between being satisfied with what he has and aspiring to have more. Depending on the standard of living and his status he can grow from moderately ambitious to overly ambitious. Although he flaunts a casual attitude, he is usually not satisfied with mediocre living. He aspires for good things in life but is not dependent on them.

A Cancer man craves for security… be it emotional or financial. He is so fond of saving things for tomorrow, it is almost an obsession. There is an underlying fear of being destitute or helpless in every Cancer male, which leads him to think of future as ‘full of tragedy’. He imagines untold miseries upon himself and his loved ones and therefore takes every precaution to provide for the future… and that includes huge savings in the bank and hoarding his refrigerator!

How is he when in love?

Remember your school days, when you were caught napping in class and your teacher asked you to write ‘I won’t sleep in class’ fifty times on the blackboard? Well, being in love with a Cancer guy is akin to this punishment. The difference being here you might have to repeat ‘I love you’ hundred times a day.

I am not kidding you when I say this. The sense of insecurity is so strong amongst Cancer men, which is coupled with a suspicious and possessive nature that it becomes important for them to receive assurances of love. When in love they would expect their partner to be vocal and expressive about her love.

Words like commitment, trust and loyalty mean a lot to a Cancer man. He won’t stand infidelity or dishonesty of any kind. Given his sensitive nature, he is likely to be deeply hurt at the smallest sign of any of these traits in his partner.

Although this may make him sound as very self-centered, I would hasten to add that a Cancer guy in love can be very romantic, caring and attentive. Once he is able to come out of his shell of reserve, he will sport a warm and affectionate heart. He will shower you with gifts and take you to fantastic, yet undiscovered, places to woo your heart.
What is his characteristic weakness?
I believe what might be considered by some to be negatives of someone’s personality may be a matter of perception. But there are some traits that are undoubtedly jarring in another wise pleasing personality. And in Cancer men such traits are rather prominent.

Foremost is a Cancer man’s retentive memory. He will remember every minute incident or happening in his life, especially related to his childhood and anecdotes from his experiences will keep cropping up in every conversation. His memory is all the more sharp in keeping a tab on others’ mistakes. He is so engrossed in his ledgers of errors that he often misses out on the goodness of other people…and also the good things life has given him. A Cancer man can forgive (not so readily though!)but he will never forget. This habit can cause unpleasantness around him and discomfort to his loved ones.

Some Cancer males also suffer from some sort of inferiority complex. This makes them narrow minded about their approach towards others. Basically, not all Cancer men  are  not people-centric  and all these inhibitions trouble them a lot while dealing with others. His opinionated nature makes him stick to his guns, I mean his views, with unrelenting obstinacy. He then believes his opinions are gospel truths and should never be questioned.

Compatibility quotient

What do you need to be compatible with a sensitive creature like the Cancer guy? Love without understanding can mean very little for a Cancer man. Given his need to be in a secure relationship, finding the right soulmate can be a tough job for him. Let’s find out who amongst the twelve zodiac ladies can best cope with the candid Cancerian.

Cancer man and…

Aries woman: 7/10. With understanding and a little bit of adjustment, this relationship can go a long way. The Arien will have to understand his mood swings and sedentary nature, while the Cancerian will have to give space to her outgoing nature and independent thinking. Both will have to keep their stubbornness under strict check.

Taurus woman: 9/10. Great chemistry! While both would know how to keep the romance going, their mutual understanding adds to it; she will know how to manage his mood swings patiently, while he will find her femininity appealing.

Gemini woman: 5/10. This combination might result in clashes. The free spirited Gemini would find the Cancerian conservatism irksome. He is too serious and intense to suit her vivacious nature.

Cancer woman: 8/10. There will be no dearth of love and care in this relationship. But both suffer from mood swings and hence the relationship can suffer if the moods are not bright. However, if one of the two Cancerian is emotionally more secure, this relationship can work wonderfully in the long run.

Leo woman: 8/10. Once the Leo female learns to control her blunt tongue, this relationship can rock. She would have to adjust with the Cancerian’s hypersensitive nature. In return, she would get his loyalty, love and ample care.

Virgo woman: 9/10. These two can strike a very good bond. The Virgo girl would know how to draw out the Cancer man from his reserve with her love and affection. He would respect her femininity and protect and provide for her in the most affectionate manner.

Libra woman: 7/10. This relationship won’t work without understanding. His lack of emotional expression might leave her feeling high and dry, while she may find his ideas of scraping and saving too much to digest.

Scorpio woman: 9.5/10. Rocking chemistry here! A Scorpio is a perfect match for the Cancer guy. This would be an emotionally-charged relationship as they would understand each other’s emotional needs perfectly.

Sagittarius woman: 5/10: Lot of hard work will be required to make this relationship work. The Sagittarian would have to curb her ‘out of the house’ behaviour and concentrate more on home-making. He would have to get a bit adventurous and treat her to the thrills of life every now and then. But with the right kind of adjustments, this can work just fine.

Capricorn woman: 6/10: Once they learn to respect each other’s opinions and emotions, this combination can work. However, here the equation is reversed as the Cancer guy would need to teach the Capricorn woman to display her emotions. Although both are emotional, their emotional quotient is quite different and they would need to develop an understanding in this sphere.

Aquarius woman: 4/10: A difficult matter! The Aquarian might not be ready to give the Cancerian 100% of her time and love. She lacks the depth that he is looking for. Similarly, he won’t be able to meet up with her demands of highly intellectual conversations and would be at a loss to appease her questioning mind.

Pisces woman: 9/10: Perfect! The Piscean girl has just the right amount of womanly charm to floor the Cancerian, while he has a warm and affectionate heart to offer to her. Since both are understanding and sensitive, they will appreciate these qualities in each other.

Famous Cancerian Men celebrities/personalities:

Tom Hanks
George W. Bush
Tom Cruise
George Michael

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Sun sign

Know your Gemini Man

Gemini man – 22 May – 21 June


Two faced? Flirt? Reckless? Restless? Are these words making popping sounds in your head at the mention of a Gemini man? Well you couldn’t be more right… or wrong. A Gemini male is all this and none of this at the same time. His two faces are not any different from the masks each one of us dons in our day to day life… thankfully with a Gemini there are only two faces. The duality in his nature is genuine and he rarely tries to mask it.

And whether he is flirtatious, reckless and restless largely depends on his age and social status. Young Geminis tend to be more restless than more matured ones. And a true Gemini, no matter what his age, will be partial towards the company of the fairer gender. But this sociable being has amazing masculine grace and a head full of fantastic ideas. Life with a Gemini is a roller coaster ride. A lot of ups and a lot of downs… but when you are with him you will always get butterflies in your tummy!

How can you identify a Gemini man?

Unless you spend a lot of time studying people, it’s not easy to spot a Gemini man in a crowd. In a given situation like a party, if you keenly observe you will find him looking at or flirting with the prettiest face. That’s how he has earned the tag of being flirtatious. But he will flirt in the most subtle manner, as if he doesn’t care for the result. Little that I know of women, they find this usually endearing and are often found falling for this kind of bait.

This is the only sun sign that leaves me confused as I am not able to classify Gemini men into either aggressive or passive kinds. After having met many Gemini men, the only thing I have concluded is that they are highest on energy levels.

What to expect from him on the following points?

Appearance: Most Gemini men I have met have mischievous and playful eyes. They come across as extremely intense yet fun loving.

Ambition: For a Gemini man who loves materialistic things, usually sky’s the limit. And there are certain percentage of Gemini men who will put in a lot of hard work and sincere efforts in their work or in creating a business empire, while a majority of them want to work little but make pots and pots of money and have maximum fun.

What are the general traits of his personality?

Generally, the first reaction one gets upon meeting a Gemini man is that he is two faced. This can be attributed to the symbol assigned to this sun sign. I strongly feel that if not all a lot of us are two faced, but this trait is stronger in Gemini men. While you hear people generally categorizing all ‘Geminis’ as two faced, I have found a majority of men rather than women fitting the bill. You will find diverse qualities co-existing in Gemini men.

Being a convincing talker and a knowledgeable man, women often find a Gemini male appealing. But he is wary of commitments and hence may have many women in his life and settle down late in life. He likes challenges, be it in love, business or career.

A Gemini man is intelligent and also versatile and since he likes talking, he is usually found amongst people, if not in a crowd. A people’s person, he likes parties and social dos. You are likely to see the best side of him at a social event. He also likes traveling and entertainment. Known to enjoy life to the fullest, he is also extremely adventurous. Although like I said before 20 odd percent of them are introvertish and are known to have select friends only.

The Gemini male is inordinately interested in observing human nature. I guess it arises from his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. To him any individual is like a mystery, which he has to unravel. Once it is solved, he would move on to the next one. This may be one reason why he is fond of dating many women. In his quest for knowledge, the two things that help the Gemini get more out of life are experience and travel.

How is a Gemini man in love?
Discussing this most sought after question in the context of a Gemini man can be quite a task. But I am going to attempt it nevertheless. I have explained earlier how his restless and indecisive nature keeps him from settling down early in life. While women can take this as a warning while dating him, a Gemini man himself can take this as a cue and make wise decisions about relationships and marriage.

However, this is not be interpreted as a red signal to stay away from a Gemini man. On the contrary, he can be a very attentive lover. Being a good conversationalist, there will never be any dearth of communication and interesting exchange of information. Perhaps, this is why a Gemini man looks for a receptive and informative girlfriend to date.

Gemini man can be mischievous, notorious, crazy and even kinky. He can enjoy one or multiple relationships that match his desires. But for settling in the long term, he looks for simplicity in his partner. In spite of being all of the above, he is quite conservative while choosing his life partner.

How is he on thefollowing aspects?
Appearance: MostGemini men I have met have mischievous, playful eyes. They come across asextremely intense yet fun loving. They have a great sense of dressing andfashion. Always updated on latest trends and styles you will always find himadapting to change. There may very few exceptions of the ultra casual type.
Ambition: For aGemini man who is motivated by the acquisition of materialistic objects, enoughis never enough! And there is a certain percentage of Gemini men who will putin a lot of hard work and sincere efforts in their work or in creating abusiness empire, while a majority of them want to work little but make pots andpots of money and have maximum fun at the same time.
Ego/Self-respect:I would say 80 per cent are governed by their egos while 20 per cent have somesense of humility. This doesn’t make them necessarily bad, it is just anattitude. Being selfish they are usually found donning the mask of self-respector being diplomatic, but if you observe closely you will notice they areactually led by their egos.

Compatibility quotient

The hovering eye and restless nature of a Gemini man are much talked about issues. But these aspects are mere personality traits and not the deciding factors of his character. After all, the measure of a person’s ‘negativity’ depends on his situation in life, his upbringing and individual mindset. Gemini men are sociable, charming, adventurous and fun loving and they share a common bond with many women on the zodiac.

Gemini man and…

Aries woman: 9/10. This relationship is ‘happening’ on a number of levels. Both have energetic and vibrant personalities. He has a commanding presence without being too dominating, while she has the adventurous streak to match his fervour. However, both will have to learn to curb their possessive nature and let things take their own course.

Taurus woman: 4/10. Not likely to work well, this relationship has too many ‘opposites’ to deal with. The outgoing, reckless Gemini will find the intense and steady Taurean rather boring. Moreover, his flirtatious nature will drive her nuts.

Gemini woman: 7/10. A bonding between the two Geminis will result in excellent rapport and highly charged tête-à-têtes, not to mention some adventurous escapades and a lot of partying. But on the flip side, both might get tired of each other pretty soon. They would need to take each other’s specific needs into account and make adjustments accordingly.

Cancer woman: 8/10. Once the Gemini guy masters the art of dealing with a completely feminine woman, this relationship can go places. The Gemini has the exact dose of verve and passion to interest the Cancer woman, while she has charm and mysticism to intrigue him. But, the Cancer woman will have to learn to keep her emotions in check to be able to adjust with a Gemini.

Leo woman: 8/10. The Gemini is quite compatible with the lioness. Both would enjoy each other’s company and conversation. Since the Leo girl is also adventure loving and a party person, she will have a rocking time with the Gemini guy. Of course before the fun begins she will have to give him ample space, while he will have to refrain from his wandering ways.

Virgo woman: 7/10. Although this combination has chances of success, it would largely depend on the way these two adjust with each other. It would be advisable for the Gemini guy not to make the Virgo girl jealous. On the other hand, she should refrain from criticizing him too much, as he is not likely to take it sportingly.

Libra woman: 9/10. Great chemistry here! This relationship will be full of liveliness, adventure, passion and charm. She will be impressed with his intelligence; the Gemini man will be lured into a commitment by the compelling charm of the Libran and will stick with her in a long-term relationship.

Scorpio woman: 6/10. The one thing both have in common is passion. And there ends the similarity. However, similarity is not actually a necessity. These two can use their disparate natures to their advantage. The Gemini guy will have to give her commitment and security, while keeping a tight rein over his flirtatious nature.

Sagittarius woman: 8/10: If both can treat each other with caution, this relationship can stand the test of time. Both are outgoing people and party lovers, but the Sagittarian also needs a comfortable home to get back to. His ‘common sense’ and intellectual behaviour might over awe her. Both would need to mellow down their spirits in order to coexist in bliss.

Capricorn woman: 5/10: A difficult match! The Capricorn woman’s sensitivity is too fragile for the dashing Gemini spirit. She is warm and tender hearted and he would find it difficult to adjust with such a person. Moreover, he won’t be able to provide her with the security that she desires. But she will be able to give him as much space as he needs and he can teach her how to be flexible in life.

Aquarius woman: 9/10: Both are likely to hit it off from day one. The vivacious Aquarian meets her match in the energetic Gemini. These two can easily forge a deep friendship and thereon their relationship can be a joyride full of conversation, adventure and new experiences.

Pisces woman: 6/10: Emotions can be the bone of contention here. The Piscean girl is hypersensitive and extremely emotional, while the Gemini guy hates to be tied down with emotions. He might hurt her easily with his blunt tongue and her passive stance would not appeal to his egoistic nature.

Famous Gemini men Celebrities/Personalities:

Johnny Depp
Bob Dylan
Clint Eastwood
Salman Rushdie

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Sun sign

Inspirational Motivational Quotes on Life Love