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How do you build a big “trust account”?

When you build a big “trust account”, business are easily done, abundance are easily obtained.

Trust of people is more important than anything else in the world of business.

Whether you are seeking work, looking for investor to invest in your venture, looking for friends, or searching for love, remember to build yourself a “ trust account”.

Once people trust you, the abundance of money, friends, love and opportunities will start flowing into your life. How do you build a big “trust account”?

1.When you promise someone you will do something by a certain date, make sure it is done, and it is done on time.

2.Always deliver over and beyond the normal standard and expectation.

3.Respond to people’s request faster than they expected. Never, ever, ignore people’s calls and emails.

4.Give people your undivided attention when they trust you with a particular project.

5.When you are given an opportunity , earn your respect by giving your personal best to honour the trust of people.

6.When you make a mistake, claim full responsibility. Never, ever justify or give excuses. When you justify and give excuses, you will not only lose people’s trust, you will also lose their respect, and believe me, that is bad.

7.Never, never, ever lie. Always tell the truth. Even if it is the truth about your incompetence or poor character. People can easily accept and forgive your poor conduct once you are open and honest with them and take responsibility for it, but they will not accept and forgive liars easily. Once people find out that you are a liar, that is the end of your trust account.

8.When you achieve something great, always give credit to those who has helped you along the way. Accept the honour with humbleness and gratitude.

9.When you try really hard, give it your personal best and still fail at the project, do not get angry with yourself or blame others. Be honest, claim your defeat, accept the fact that you are not capable enough to do it, and immediately, explore options to learn more about it.

10.Never, ever gossip or engage in any form of small talks. A rule of thumb—-Only say good things about other people. Never criticise someone else behind their back.

11.When someone makes a mistake, help them erase their self guilt and feeling of incompetence. Encourage them not to give up. Every mistake made and corrected is one step closer to success.

12.When people betray you, let you down, hurt you, forgive them, give them another chance, and thank them for teaching you lessons of compassion, understanding, tolerance and acceptance. These people should be seen as your greatest teachers.

13.Loving people who are nice to you and love you is not a virtue. Loving the unlovable takes the heart of a hero. When you are able to love the people who hurt you the most, and see them as your best teachers, you have earned the trust of God. Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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Be The Sun, Be The Light, Be The Change

One day, the wind sees a man who wears a big coat walking on the beach.

The wind wants to prove that he is the mightiest force of nature, so he challenges the sun.

He says to the sun, “I am mightier than you are. Let’s prove it by seeing who can blow off the man’s coat. The sun laughs and replies, “Sure, my friend, go for it.”

So the wind starts to blow strongly, trying to blow off the man’s coat.

The problem is that the stronger the wind blows, the tighter the man holds on to his coat. After a while, the wind exhausts himself, gives up and says to the sun,

“Well, I can’t do it, and if I can’t do it, you can’t do it either.” The sun laughs again, and says, “I don’t have to do anything. I just need to be what I am.” Then the sun quietly rises, the weather becomes so hot, the man takes off his coat.” Most people are resistant to change; many are like the man with his coat.

They wear a big thick coat of negativity, sadness, depression, and unhappiness. If you adapt the method of wind by trying to change them with force, they will hold on to their negative emotion more than ever before. If you want to help them take off and let go of their unwanted emotions, you must learn from the sun.

When people face the sun, they don’t see the shadows. When people face the light, they don’t see the darkness.

So Be The Sun, Be The Light, Be The Change. Demonstrate the values , the traits that you want to see in them.

Soon , you will experience a liberational change among your circle of friends.

People naturally aspire to something higher , even though at times, their aspiration presents itself in forms of envy. That is not a bad thing if you help them transform this envy into a creative energy to produce a desirable outcome for themselves. We are all on the same path of fulfilling our common destiny. So we need to lift each other and ascend together. Be The Sun that shines upon the darkness. Be the source of inspiration, Be the Change you want to see. Be The Power that creates abundance. In being so, you are lifting the world.
Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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Shortcut To Success

Shortcut to Success

Giving with gratitude. Giving offers you the short cut to personal success. Have you heard that the quickest way to be abundant is to become the source of someone else’s abundance? Life works in circles. Whatever you give out, comes back to you a thousand folds; it happens without fail. It may not come back from the person you gave to, but it always comes back. Giving is a powerful energy; it energises the giver and the receiver. When you freely give to others, you are subconsciously telling your mind that you are wealthy, you are rich, and you are abundant. You have more, unlimited supply of what others want. This subconscious programming sets the right foundation for your success, because when your subconscious mind knows that you are rich and abundant, it becomes your reality. Always give with humbleness. Always thank the person you give to for offering you an opportunity to offer your kindness. If they are not there needing your help, you would not have had the opportunity to give. When you give out of the purity of love and compassion, you become one step closer to your ultimate success. I went to a parent teacher interview today.



The teacher said to me , “ I have taught many thousands of children. Your child is the only child I have ever known who is so giving, so detached from her personal belongings. She made me cry yesterday.



One of the girls said to her “I wish my mum would buy me a watch like yours.” Your daughter immediately took off her watch and gave it to the girl, “you can have it, Jenny, it looks good on you.” Jenny put the watch onto her wrist and she was overjoyed. “Won’t you get into trouble with your Mum and Dad “Jenny was then concerned.



Your daughter actually gave Jenny a hug and said to her,” No, I never get into trouble with my Mum and Dad. They love me, love me , love me and love me. They will be very happy and thankful that you really like the watch, and you are so happy for having it. So thank you , Jenny, now let ‘s go and play.” Success is not just measured by how much you have and accomplished. It has to be measured first of all by your inner state of joy, abundance, fullness and fulfilment. We have taught our kids from a very young age that they are the richest people in the world. Whenever they give something to someone, we always give them twice as much of what they have given away.



Last week, my son gave his MP4 player to a friend whose parents cannot afford to buy him too many things. I said to my son,”



What would you like me to get you to replace what you have given away.” He replied to me, “ Mum, you don’t have to keep doing this , I am old enough now, I have got what you are trying to teach me. I don’t give because I want something back. I gave the MP4 to Jimmy because he needs it more than I do, that is all. I don’t need anything. So chill….” When a young child put someone else’s need in front of his or her own and freely detach from the need to possess things, their success in life has been set into motion. Love , compassion, and freedom are the foundation in which they are going to make decision from.



When you live your life out of this unshakable inner strength of self confidence, state of abundance, and inner peace, your success is inevitable.


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