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Deal With Stress

Stress is the physical or mental demand upon a person that exceeds the capacity of the body. It means stress the pressure on the person that makes the person loose his balance.

During stress - heart beat increases, palpitations increase, the person starts breathing heavily, or one can have butterflies in his or her stomach, the person starts blushing, sometimes, the person also stammers while speaking.

Stress is the part of life. Basically, it is of two kinds:- Eustress and Distress.

Eustress is the stress or tension which comes into the events or incidents of happiness like marriage, birth of a child, getting a new job etc.

Distress is the stress or tension which comes due to the effect of unpleasant events like loosing a job, or death in a family or getting divorced etc.
  • 1.The first thing is to realize that you are under distress. You should be able to catch the symptoms like having excessive fatigue, increased palpitations, facing sleep problems, inability to relax and so on.
  • 2.The next thing is to find out the sources how to relieve it. Find out somebody with whom you can talk out your stress. Talk out with the significant others and have their support. This is the kind of social support you are gaining and thereby reducing your stress. Also, you can take their suggestions or physical help if you require it.
  • 3.The next thing is to do some physical exercises, like going to gym, run or exercise or practice swimming, jogging etc.
  • 4.Sit and relax. Listen to your favorite music, , take out time for yourself and most importantly listen to your body.
  • 5.Indulge in pleasurable activities, which you enjoy to do e.g.: go for riding, go for outings, go for movies.
  • 6.Spend time with your family. That is another way of reducing stress.
  • 7.Do not carry the burden of your work to home. Do not convert your home into office.
  • 8.Be calm and maintain your cool. If your heart has started beating faster, take your time and relax. Practice any of the techniques of relaxation twice daily.
  • 9.Give yourself positive self statements e.g.: “I will be able to make it, I can do this"
  • 10.Have proper sleep and practice methods of sleep hygiene.
  • 11.Finally, a little stress is a booster but excessive stress is unhygienic so recognize that unhealthy part and remove it from your life. Crack jokes, spend some time leisurely and enjoy your life as much as possible.

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