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Good Morning SMS Quotes to Start and Wish a Lovely Day

Good Morning SMS Quotes to Start and Wish a Lovely Day

Good Morning SMS Quotes

People often feel something but xpress somthing else

Dey mean smthin but say smthin else

So learn d art of sayin nothin

in such a way dat it leavs nothin unsaid…

Good Morning

Good Morning SMS Quotes

Tackle life with all ur Skill,2 Overcome each & every Hill, If u persist with all ur Will, U'll enjoy ur life & all its Thrill. So just Chill...Good Morning


Be a diode to remove -ve thinking, A transistor to amplify the Character…. A resistor to drop Bad habits, A capacitor to store Good thoughts….


Good Morning SMS Quotes

Aaj pyari se subah boli,

Utth dekh kya nazara hein....

Par meine bola, pehele usko to sms karoon jo subeh se bhi pyaara hein!!!

Good Morning!!

Good Morning SMS Quotes

Baharo ka sama hota hai apke aane se,

phool khilte hai aapki aahat se,

Jyada mat soiye janab

kyoki Har subah hoti hai apke MUSKURANE se.

Good morning.

Good Morning SMS Quotes

Don't make ur feelings like the garden, Everybody walk on it. But let it be like the sky. Everybody wishes 2 touch it.....! GooD MorninG


Fresh flowers are waiting to disturb u

Hot coffe waiting to taste ur lips

Sun, birds, cool air - all r looking

at ur window to say u Good morning

Have nice day.

Good Morning SMS Quotes

Daton ko barabar ghis dalne ka moti ke mafik chamka dalne ka hath me cutting chay leke sab friend log ko bol dal “subah ho gayi mamu” Bole to gudwali morning


#;———-;# This is a bridge of friendship,

when you”re sad & lonely, CROSS it

I”ll wait on the other side & if u r afraid just tell I”ll cross it!! I’m your friend 4 ever.

Good Morning!

Good Morning SMS Quotes

G- od

O- offers us

O- utstanding

D- votion to

M- ake us

O- bedient &

R- eady for

N- ew day to

I- nitiate

N- ew aim for the

G- lory of life..


Good Morning SMS Quotes

D Caliber Of A Person Is Not

How Well He Prepares 4

Everything 2 Go Right,

Bt How He Stands Up nd

Moves On After Everything

Has Gone Wrong..!!

Good Morning


\G\****” H

*\O\***” A

**\O\**” V

***\D\*” E


***/M/*” N




\I \****” D

*\N\***” A

**\G\**” Y

Good Morning SMS Quotes


'2 GET & 2 GIVE"

Creates too many Problems.

Bt Living with simple Attitude:

" 4GET & 4 GIVE"

Solves all the Problems..


Good Morning SMS Quotes

Night Has Gone and the MOON too.

SUN has Arrived with the SKY blue.

Open your Beautiful EYES,

There is a SMS for you.

“Good Morning”

Good Morning SMS Quotes


Jago BALak!!

Suryoday ho chuka hai,

nitya karm se nivirt hoke..

Pavitra snaan purn karke,

mitro ko sandesh beje,

thoda alpahar kr le.

Good Morning SMS Quotes










Good Morning SMS Quotes

We’re not too close in distance.

We’re not too near in miles.

But text can still touch our hearts


thoughts can bring us smiles.

Good morning!


~*Beautiful Sun*~

~*Fresh Air*~

~*Sweet Birds*~

~*Blooming Flowers*~

~*Along with Me Are*~

~*Knocking Your Door*~

~*Just To Say You*~

~*Good Morning*~


Latest good morning SMS - Short greetings messages to wish good day in special way to friend, girlfriend, girl, boss, loved ones.

Good Morning SMS Quotes


my name is SMS,

I travel all across the world.

My home is mobile.

Network is my vehicle.

My busines is 2 connect ppl HEARTS n

keep them in TOUCH. Gud mrg!


Be a Diode to remove -ve thinking,

A Transistor to amplify the Character...

A Resistor to drop Bad habits,

And a Capacitor to store Good thoughts.

Good Morning

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