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How do you build a big “trust account”?

When you build a big “trust account”, business are easily done, abundance are easily obtained.

Trust of people is more important than anything else in the world of business.

Whether you are seeking work, looking for investor to invest in your venture, looking for friends, or searching for love, remember to build yourself a “ trust account”.

Once people trust you, the abundance of money, friends, love and opportunities will start flowing into your life. How do you build a big “trust account”?

1.When you promise someone you will do something by a certain date, make sure it is done, and it is done on time.

2.Always deliver over and beyond the normal standard and expectation.

3.Respond to people’s request faster than they expected. Never, ever, ignore people’s calls and emails.

4.Give people your undivided attention when they trust you with a particular project.

5.When you are given an opportunity , earn your respect by giving your personal best to honour the trust of people.

6.When you make a mistake, claim full responsibility. Never, ever justify or give excuses. When you justify and give excuses, you will not only lose people’s trust, you will also lose their respect, and believe me, that is bad.

7.Never, never, ever lie. Always tell the truth. Even if it is the truth about your incompetence or poor character. People can easily accept and forgive your poor conduct once you are open and honest with them and take responsibility for it, but they will not accept and forgive liars easily. Once people find out that you are a liar, that is the end of your trust account.

8.When you achieve something great, always give credit to those who has helped you along the way. Accept the honour with humbleness and gratitude.

9.When you try really hard, give it your personal best and still fail at the project, do not get angry with yourself or blame others. Be honest, claim your defeat, accept the fact that you are not capable enough to do it, and immediately, explore options to learn more about it.

10.Never, ever gossip or engage in any form of small talks. A rule of thumb—-Only say good things about other people. Never criticise someone else behind their back.

11.When someone makes a mistake, help them erase their self guilt and feeling of incompetence. Encourage them not to give up. Every mistake made and corrected is one step closer to success.

12.When people betray you, let you down, hurt you, forgive them, give them another chance, and thank them for teaching you lessons of compassion, understanding, tolerance and acceptance. These people should be seen as your greatest teachers.

13.Loving people who are nice to you and love you is not a virtue. Loving the unlovable takes the heart of a hero. When you are able to love the people who hurt you the most, and see them as your best teachers, you have earned the trust of God. Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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