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Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other….

A Japanese man was trying to renovate his house.

The wall of the traditional Japanese dwelling was made of two wooden panels with space in between, the wooden panels are then sealed with clay for weather proofing.

One day, the man was pulling down the wall; he noticed that on the corner of the wall in the darkness, a gecko was stuck with his tail nailed to the wall. He thought to himself, “ I am just pulling down the wall, I have not tried to nail anything, how would the gecko be nailed there?” He went closely and looked at the nailed gecko. ”

My God.” He shouted. He could not believe his eyes.
The nail that nailed the gecko was one that he used to build the house 10 years ago. The man was shocked . He could not believe what he saw.
He thought “How on earth can this poor gecko survive in this enclosed dark wall for 10 years? It is just not possible.

There is no way he could have survived without leaving to get food and water for so long…” He was so curious that he stopped his renovation and just observed the situation, hoping to solve this mystery.

A couple of hours later, he saw another gecko slowly coming through the wall towards the nailed one. When he looked closely, the coming gecko had some food in its mouth…………… Ponder on this amazing story of enduring love. Lovely Thoughts for Lovely People Just Like You

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