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The General and the Boy

Motivational Stories

Once, there was a General who wanted to cross a river. He was unsure of the depth of the river, and whether his horse could make it across the river.

He looked around for help and saw a little boy nearby. He asked the boy for advice.

The boy looked at the size of the General's horse and paused for a moment. He then confidently told the General that it is safe for the General and his horse to cross the river.
The General proceeded to cross the river on his horse. As he approached the middle of the river, he suddenly realized that the river was, in fact, very deep, and he almost drowned.

After he recovered from his shock he shouted at the boy and threatened to punish him.
The boy was stunned and innocently replied, "But General, I see my ducks crossing the river everyday without any problem, and my ducks have shorter legs than your horse".

If you need advice, get it from people who know what they are talking about. Napoleon Hill says that, "Opinion is the cheapest commodity on earth". Make sure you review for yourself the opinion of others before you act on them

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