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What IS Detachment???

Detachment is not indifference, distancing or remaining disconnected from people & events;
It is in embracing all - without labels of 'right and wrong'- without judgment of 'good or bad' -without descriptions of 'happy or painful.'.. And in this embracing... acceptance ... witnessing- detachment happens!!

Detachment ‘happens’ in all embracing acceptance! Not in denunciation or rejection of this that or the other!

Detachment is not in shunning, suppressing, fighting desires;
It arises in fulfillment ...or completion of .... desires!
Your 'desires' are your soul purposes and as you fulfill desires.... or complete the deeper learning behind the desire ...various soul purposes are being fulfilled
And as that happens- as soul plans are completed- desires which were only the propellers- are transcended- and detachment happens!

Detachment is not in having ‘no desires’; detachment is in the awareness that ‘your’ desires are only vehicles for the universal cosmic play to carry on

Detachment comes of its own accord…effortlessly almost… or it’s not detachment!
And indeed it cannot be wholly present when your roles in the cosmic game are still required...for then…how…or why…or what …would propel you? (‘Your’ desires are actually only divine desire, the cosmic play, being carried out through a ‘you’…)
But even as your roles near completion – are you automatically drawn to detachment…just as you were earlier to manifestation…!
And all that you may have learnt or read about detachment …or strived towards … culminates… and happens!

Detachment 'happens'! Striving towards detachment is attachment to detachment!

When there is no ‘you’…
When you personal consciousness merges with universal Self/consciousness
There is no personal attachment-or detachment-all is part of the cosmic play
And this play
This gurgle
This all embracing “Ah so it is!”
Moves you away from ‘concepts’ of attachment-detachment


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